Sean FitzPatrick founded FitzPatrick Law in 2016 in order to help those who have been wronged.  Sometimes you need a lawyer who isn’t afraid to disturb the status quo and dig to get the results you deserve.


A few words from founder Sean FitzPatrick:

“Lawyers can no longer be a T-shaped professional. A T-shaped professional has an incredible amount of expertise in one area of law and basic knowledge in others.  Lawyers need to know about all the tools that technology brings to the practice of law.”

FitzPatrick Law is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest changes in procedure, evidence, and all areas of the law to help give you an advantage before ever setting foot in the courtroom.

“One thing I’ve learned from trying over 30 Jury trial cases is that Sun Tzu’s art of war applies to legal battles just as much as a physical battle.  The adage ‘To win without fighting is best’ is definitely relevant.”

Constant improvement and pushing for excellence are mottos at FitzPatrick Law and benefit its clients.  That’s why Sean stays active in educating the public and other attorneys through his legal blog “No Malarkey”

If you aren’t sure you have a case, or just want to talk through your legal problem, call now for a free consultation.  505-585-4253