Slip & Falls: No Laughing Matter

Most of us have seen a cartoon or played a video game where someone slips and falls on a banana. Banana or no banana, some people may get up and walk away only feeling a little embarrassed, what is more embarrasing is not knowing how serious slip and falls can be. According to the CDC In 2005, more than 15,8007 people over the age of 65 died as a result of a fall.Over 540,000 slip and fall injuries requiring hospital care occur in North America each year. That’s nothing to laugh at.

I slipped, I fell, and I got up, now what? Take pictures, file an accident report with the store, and get names of any witnesses. Those three steps can help you in the long run. You don’t want to be laid up four weeks later with an anterior cruciate ligament tear trying to recall this information while sedated with painkillers. You may not realize how badly you are hurt at the time of the fall, so out of an abundance of caution take those proactive precautionary steps.

See a healthcare professional. If you are injured, get help. It is as simple as that. Regardless of if you have a legal claim, not treating an injury and trying to “tough it out” might work some of the time, but if it doesn’t you may do more damage by not doing anything.

“But I can’t afford to go to the doctor.” You can’t afford not to. Even if it turns out you don’t have a claim, wouldn’t you rather know there is no permanent injury? Besides, everyone should have health insurance of some kind or another at this point. If you don’t, pay a visit to and find a plan that is right for you.

Sometimes, people are just klutzy. But, sometimes, floors are left in unsafe conditions. Whether there is a hole in the floor, the floor is wet, or the classic banana peel, someone else’s negligence shouldn’t come out of your pocket.

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